flag en  Vác is he fourth largest city in Pest County, known as the Gateway to the Danube Bend.

Its history has a history of 900 years, its rich cultural life and the nearby towns of Visegrád, Esztergom and Szentendre are also attractive tourist destinations.

The first written memories of Vác originated in 1070, and the foundations of the Vác Bishopric were laid by King István I. The FCI Grand Prix 2019 races are awaiting young pigeons. The pigeon farm is situated on a 1 hectare area in Vác at the Vincellér square. The Owner and leader of the site: Sándor Bacskai messenger pigeon specialist. All breeders of the Penguin Association of any country can send any number of young pigeons to the Váci FCI Grand Prix competition.

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