Sándor Bacskai and Lajos Császár In 2014, this test site was created so that from beginner pigeons to the pros, everyone can test and test their skills at an FCI Grand Prix on an equal footing!

"We tried to create a nice and good thing, which I think we did, because in 2014 we had the first world championship race of the site. We come from all over the world, so we can get to know each other more closely. "" We organize an FCI Grand Prix every year. This is the closing event on September 29, 2018, which we all welcome. Our event is free for everyone.

This is not about making profits. All pigeons, relatives and friends are welcome with food and drink. Let this day be a great Maya where everyone feels good! "" The farm is open to schoolchildren and kindergartens as well. From 8am onwards, with parental supervision, the children can spend their whole day here. You can also go on excursion to the Naszály Hill with a beautiful view of the Danube and Vác. Of course you can also use the oven and cauldrons.

Our request is to take care of everything and save the used objects. Outbuildings are also formed where you can even bathe. In addition, there are also accommodation options. "This place has a great environment and panorama.

And most importantly, it can not be enough to emphasize that everyone is in the same conditions! Beginners can even become proficiers here!